Style Inspiration

At Haul/Closet, we shop within the following 6 style guides. When you fill out a style profile, you'll be asked to choose which of them speak to you, and then that guides our selection process for your box. (Don’t worry- it’s just a guideline. You can let us know what you like from several categories and we’ll adapt because we’re real human stylists.)

Can you identify the Haul/Closet outfits mixed into these inspiration boards?


Boho, hippie, quilted, patchwork, dyed, embroidered, knit, macrame, lace, ruffles, gathers, beading. Usually an A-line silhouette, flowy rather than fitted on the bottom, pants included. Fuzzy collars or scarves, bell sleeves, kimonos.



Both tight fitting and baggy elements, stretch materials, flat shoes or boots, metal jewelry, graphics, layers, mixing true athletic (sports bra, sweatshirt, white crew socks) with non-athletic items (wool jacket, lace dress). 90s kid throwbacks.



Relaxed light wash jeans, bulky sweaters, preppy collared blouses, nautical sweatshirts meet mini body con knits, mini skirts, slips, v-necks, spaghetti straps, body suits, button down everything.



Generally a modest silhouette, incorporating variables like collar necklaces, earrings, bold blazers and shoes. Keep it polished and you can get creative.



Pattern mixing, texture mixing, color blocking, proportion play, fashion risks, stand-out looks, asymmetry, big shapes and patterns, freaky little details.


Neutral (black, white, gray, beige, brown, pastel) color palette with smaller pops of bright color or bold pattern, otherwise small patterns, natural fibers, often relaxed silhouettes. Subtle details. Simple construction. Layers for interest.