Frequently Asked Questions

What does Haul/Closet sell?

We sell a single product - a curated box of 5 thrifted items, selected specifically for you by a stylist specializing in your taste. This will usually include 4 clothing or accessory items and a piece of jewelry, but you can indicate in your style profile if you're looking for specific items and we'll do our best to accommodate.

We don't shop for or avoid particular brands. We try to find the best of what's available second-hand that will fit you and that you will enjoy wearing. This could include lightly-worn unique fast fashion items or well-worn vintage items that might show evidence of age. We won't send you widely available basics that you can walk into any thrift store and buy with your eyes closed, knit items that have been shrunk, or items that have major wear or malfunctions. However, there may be minor wear and tear in lining or hems, a missing button, discreet beading flaws, a snag that can be pulled through to the unseen side of a knit, or a small stain here or there. It's up to the stylist to make a judgment call on these imperfections and whether they might justify the item winding up in a landfill versus being appreciated in the context of uniqueness and sustainability sought by our customers.


Where do you get your inventory?

Our stylists buy inventory where inventory is available. This can include nationally-branded thrift stores, local thrift stores, and garage and estate sales in their immediate locale. We don't have special purchase arrangements, we don't take donations, and we don't manage any kind of central buy-sell-trade operation. We are essentially personal stylists who go out on your behalf to find the best of what's available second-hand, and the organizations we buy from receive the full benefit of our purchase dollars. 


Who selects what is sent to me?

After you order a box, we’ll send you a survey to better understand what you’re looking for — once you’ve completed it, we’ll connect you with a stylist who specializes in shopping for the looks you love. We are a distributed network of stylists with experience working in buy-sell-trade, online reselling, and retail fashion. Our stylists are often successful resellers on other platforms, and stylists adhere to our quality standards.

If you're happy with your box, you will continue to be styled by that same person for any future orders you place. They will get to know your likes and dislikes and are incentivized to do a great job. When you provide feedback on the items you received in the satisfaction survey included in the shipment confirmation email, your stylist can adapt with you, and it also helps us maintain quality oversight and intervene to make it right if your box really misses the mark.

If you're interested in becoming a stylist for Haul/Closet, please email


What happens if I don't like what I'm sent, or something doesn't fit?

Haul/Closet wants you to be happy with your experience. Our goal is to get as much good information about your style and sizing up front and send you items you'll be able to style into your wardrobe at least once, even if not every item you receive is an over-the-moon smash hit. We don't accept returns or provide refunds but we try to provide as much transparency and communication up front about what you can expect so that you are comfortable with the risk.

We want to keep your business. Stylists document items before they're sent to you. If items you receive don't meet the quality criteria Haul/Closet has promised, your stylist can send additional items in your next box. We invest in hiring only capable stylists who have proven their ability to curate fashionable looks that meet our quality standards. We'll listen and work with you to make sure your stylist is a good match and that our stylists are doing a good job.


Why no returns?

Sustainability. And simplicity.

Alternative style boxes charge $10-$20 non-refundable styling fees, mark higher prices per item for comparable but less unique inventory that are selected by algorithms and warehouse staff, enjoy bigger profit margins due to centralized and bulk inventory access, and send a large mass of items to customers with the understanding that most of it will be sent back. That's not sustainable.

Haul/Closet does not charge a styling fee. Our stylists manage their own inventory and receive bonuses for happy, repeat clients. They're incentivized to send you only items you're going to love. We hope you get good use out of your items, and when you've finished loving them, we encourage you to swap with friends or donate back to your local charity shops so they can continue to be loved by others.


What sizes do you carry?

Our inventory is restricted to what's available through the stores we shop at, and we are able to provide styles for sizes 00-24. Although the majority of readily available inventory exists in the 6-16 range, we often purchase inventory in anticipation of a future match, so existing outside of that range does not necessarily mean there will be any delay to your order. However, if we anticipate any delays, we will reach out ASAP and can refund your order if we won't meet your expectations.


How long does it take to receive my box?

Your box will be styled and mailed within two weeks of you completing your style survey. You'll receive your style survey in your order confirmation email.


Will I have to fill out a style survey every time I order?

No — your style survey information is managed centrally, and your stylist will use it along with your feedback on prior orders to make educated selections. If you bought a box for a specific purpose (such as vacation looks or holiday party looks) and now you need regular everyday clothes, we might ask you to confirm your style guidance. Otherwise, if there's any gap in information that we need clarity on, we will reach out to you.


If you have any other questions we haven't addressed, please reach out to