Coming out of a style rut

I picked a friend up from the airport yesterday and we talked about how you sometimes feel after difficult period of life. Personal care seems to be one of the earliest things to go when we're prioritizing fires to manage, and it's a hard one to return to after things are contained.

Freckin been there. So instead of giving you terrible tips written by a well balanced individual, I'm going to give it to you real.

Step 1 - Dedicated pajamas

You're probably at a point where you're sleeping in and then wearing the clothes you wore to sleep in during the day, or vice versa. Even if you're not, it probably looks like you are. Everything is practical, lived in, soft and comforting, has some stretch to it.

First thing's first, sister. Get yourself a pair of dedicated pajamas. A matching set. Something that's so obviously pajamas that even in your lowest of lows you wouldn't leave the house in it. And commit to yourself to wear them. Put em on at night and take it off in the morning. You're literally half way there!

Step 2 - Cool sneakers

Ok. So your wardrobe at the moment is mostly athleisure if we're being generous with our descriptive language. One smart investment for you at this point might be a pair of interesting, bright, clean sneakers. They magically elevate everything else you're wearing. Suddenly, you're not wearing sad rags, you're wearing intentional stuff that helps you move because you're practical and active and focused on sustainability so you feel confident in your rags.

Step 3 - Investment "loungewear"

Seriously, though. The reason you're wearing those rags isn't at this point because you're intentional about it, it's because you've needed comfort, and those items deliver. But you don't need to give up comfort to introduce style, and you don't need to retire your entire drawer of leggings and sweats and t shirts. Now might be a good time to invest in a few nicer loungewear items.

What constitutes nicer loungewear? Well, things like simple linen tops that are shaped like a t-shirt (the shape reminds you of being comfortable in your cotton t-shirts). Maybe a cashmere baggy sweater (it's that familiar baggy sweater. but cashmere so people respect it more). Or a kimono style layer (it's too stylish for your pajama life but now that you're in transition, it's loose and adds a little warmth like everything else you've been wearing and you won't even notice you're stylin'. Others will, though.) Check out or for resale investment pieces.

Step 4 - Styling

Now, putting it all together. We have a whole category of style called "Aaliyah" that celebrates mixing practical with impractical. It's throwing a tweed jacket over your sweatsuit. It's a straight up sports bra underneath that sweater. A zone in which you continue to love your leggings and baseball caps, but now you wear 'em with jewelry. (There's a lot of other influence in the Aaliyah category, especially from 90s R&B, but we adapt it to your personal input). The point is, it's kinda wasteful to get rid of the practical things in your wardrobe to chase style that doesn't deliver comfort, and just because you're feeling better doesn't mean you shouldn't continue to embrace comforting your body and heart! When you're developing your personal style after a rut, wear what you're likely to wear. Avoid whole outfits that make you feel like you're wearing a costume since those aren't likely to stick, but go ahead and challenge yourself to incorporate an exciting new thing with what you're already familiar with. Experiment! You'll figure it out by trying!

Love to you in this difficult time <3 Hit us up if you need help.


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