Office looks with blue velvet pants

Hi this is Haul/Closet's first blog. In it we will show you some looks that a 90s kid who thrifted in the 00s can wear to work in the 20s and feel good about it.

You might have noticed pants gathered at the waist is a renewed trend this year. But for people born early enough, it's a look that's kind of off putting (based on our memories) and hard to pull off (based on our bodies). But the good news is, there is an abundance of elastic waistband grandma pants in thrift shops these days, they can be worn in a work setting. They're comfy. They're cheap. They're cool.

So, the item all the looks in this thread incorporate is a pair of blue velvet pants. While any elastic waistband grandma pants will substitute just fine, velvet is luxurious, and therefore, professional. I'm wearing the same lipstick and pair of gray suede pumps in all of these pics. I'll make notations where I had a good idea for the outfit after the fact.

Look #1 - Bold chunky (grandpa) sweater

When I'm wearing a chunky sweater, I don't want to get things caught in it. So, I wear textureless stud earrings rather than anything dangly. I chose to wear this with some cool enamel Scandinavian earrings. Also, the appropriate necklace to wear with a rounded or crew neck chunky sweater is definitely a thin chain with a single charm (or layer a few of those) to create a V shape. I forgot to add one to my outfit but I snapped an example of the kind of necklace that goes great with this shape, so you can do better than I did.


Look #2 - Collarless blouse

Collarless blouses are basically t-shirts for the office. I find a lot of them in polyester crepe and also a lot in 100% silk (they are one of the most common silk items I find when thrifting). The thing I love is they often have very bold patterns on them.

They look best tucked in. And since you're not layering with a blazer, you can go a little crazier with the jewelry. When I'm doing a bold look, I like to find some kind of theme in the outfit- whether it's a prominent shape or color or texture, and then repeat it in the accessories. In this outfit, I chose to run with yellow and white- the bead strand necklace is a white to yellow ombre, and the enamel RUFFLES POTATO CHIP EARRINGS are also yellow and white. That's right. I'm wearing tiny potato chips but I still look professional, you can too.

Look #3 - Denim button down

This outfit is my personal favorite of the dress up session.

Sometimes a button down will be baggy around the waist, sometimes it'll be a little more fitted. This one's fitted on me. So, I did a tuck where I basically pull the loose bottoms of the shirt forward from my body, and twist together into a little tornado (any direction), and tuck that little tornado into the front of my waist band, which results in little flattering gathers on either side near my hips.

Next, I add gold accessories because gold is rich. Because my sleeves are far enough away from my wrists, I can also wear a big chunky bracelet with a clasp that could snag something like a sweater.

20/20 Hindsight: Very pointy shoes would have looked pretty great with this outfit.

Look #4 - Very 90s blazer-top

These tops are always so appealing on the rack. Bright colors, shoulder pads, crazy embellishment, big collars. You're unsure whether to trust your gut or talk yourself down, but one day when you finally put one on, you think, man, this is special and I look great. And you're right.

This is another clothing item that can be tricky to accessorize, depending on how insane the embellishment is. For this one, I chose a pair of earrings that mirrored the general shapes on the buttons- a circle around another circle, and didn't wear any other jewelry.

Look #5 - T-shirt two ways

T-shirts are casual and kinda boring, so mostly these looks are all about the styling. In the first one, I've muted a bright T-shirt by throwing an oatmealy textured cardigan in a neutral color over it. I then styled my hair in a clip to create this pineapple cascade, popular in 1998-2002. I am certain this look is gonna be hot again very soon based on the scrunchy re-birth timeline. 

In the second version, I let my hair down, parted my hair, then carefully placed a  tiny gold ribbon elastic headband as far back as I naturally could on the part, leaving little swags like a drawn curtain above my ears. Since it's kind of a short wide T-shirt, I prefer it untucked. But I'm also showing it tucked. I'm wearing simple studs, but one ring might also have been nice with this version.

Look # 6 - Sequined sweater

A lot of those 90s sequined sweaters are black, and you might be tempted only to wear them around the holidays if at all. But, sometimes you can pull out a theme to shift something into a different time of year. This sweater's embellishment shape actually looks kind of eastern European to me. Like what you might find printed on a scarf. So, I accessorized with scarves. I prefer the red (it's a Bavarian scarf with edelweiss and different crests on it), but I also tried it with a very summery white and blue gingham and flower scarf, just to see if it works. It does. But to improve that version of the outfit I'd probably swap out my pants for something like jeans or wide leg corduroys- something that blends better with blue gingham. I wore sparkly gold and silver studs.

Look # 7 - Over the shoulder cardigan

This is such a preppy and impractical look but, how much arm raising are you really doing in the office anyway?

I wore a looser sleeveless peach linen button down shirt to really sell people on the idea that my shoulders are cold. I then paired it with a mauve cardigan that's not too squatty- it would definitely slide off the shoulders if it were any cardigan other than a low v neck. I am attaching a photo to describe probably the only shape that will make this look semi functional and also flattering like a cape.

I added geometric clip on earrings with sparkle enamel detail, and that's my only accessory.

Look # 8 - A blazer with a high front profile

High front profiles- AKA a blazer that's not scandalously low in the front if you were naked underneath- haven't really been the most popular blazer shape in recent years, but they're my preferred shape. I personally have never loved the way I look in many blazer shapes, particularly ones with wide and low lapels.  So, the nice thing about these higher profile blazers is they basically function like a shirt, but they're really professional looking. I paired this one with enamel yellow flower clip on earrings. You'll notice the earrings aren't perfect- they've got some chips and wear and tear. But that's to be expected for their age (50s or 60s) and it doesn't detract from their function in this outfit.

Look # 9 - Blouse with no collar and blazer with no lapel

This is an unlined single button blazer with no lapels, not rich. But the color is sweet, and I want to wear it.

I've found the only two blouse profiles that I have made work with these are either a collarless v-neck (so you've got a v under a v), or a mandarin collar (like I am wearing here, but unfortunately you can't see it in how I framed these two photos). I've got kind of a spring theme going with the pink blazer and the white flower lace on my shirt, so I wore enamel earrings that have faded pink cardinals on them. A few dainty rings, some worn above the knuckle, might also be a good accessory. 



Hope you enjoy! Do you have any thrifted style tips to share? Ideas for other blogs you want to see? Leave a comment!

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